Secondary Materials

We prioritize the utilization of secondary materials in earthworks from feasibility study and implementation to professional geotechnical supervision in compliance of circular economy principles for sustainable development

Our experts provide comprehensive services of the utilization of the secondary and other alternative materials in earthworks, not only in road and highway constructions. Mechanical properties of secondary materials are often not only equivalent to natural ones but surpass them in certain aspects. The use of secondary materials has an increasingly important role in the optimization of materials resources applied to constructions and it is one of the main paths to sustainable development and circular economy.

The utilization of secondary and alternative materials

  • Feasibility study of the utilization of chosen secondary material in earthworks
  • Initial tests of secondary materials, including non-standard and long-term tests (e.g. swelling test of slag materials under 75°C - hot water bath test to 75°C, susceptibility of colliery spoil to spontaneous combustion tests, long-term analysis of volume changes over months even years)
  • Research and development of alternative hydraulic road binders using fly ash, blast furnace slag or lime and cement kiln dusts
  • Technical and technological specifications concerning utilization of secondary or alternative materials in construction site
  • Geotechnical supervision on earthwork with secondary materials
  • Control tests of secondary materials used in earthworks
  • Revision analyses of failures due to implementation of secondary materials with inappropriate properties (volume changes and swelling of fluidized fly ash and bed ash, or metallurgical by-products)