Well Logging

Essential well logging services for the performance of drinking and mineral water investigation, engineering geology investigations for underground constructions, highways, metro, leak detection, control of technical condition of boreholes and wells, risk analysis, post-remedial monitoring and indication of geothermal energy

A wide range of services developed, and patented procedures, highly qualified staff, technical and technological equipment are used to perform measurements of the physical parameters of the rock environment, borehole casing and fluids filling boreholes through natural and artificial physical fields. Well logging has a very wide range of uses during the performance of various types of projects and although each task requires an individual approach, we are able to provide the necessary information to the building industry, waterworks, geology and hydrogeology.

Well logging for engineering geology

The outputs of well logging include lithological profiles, the degree of tectonic disturbance of rock, the mechanical properties of rock in-situ, crack detection and their spatial orientation, or the integrity of sealing walls. We detect water leakages from dams, we inspect geotechnical work on dams, the quality of in-situ injection, or the spatial patters of boreholes. We detect the shear surface in landslide areas and perform investigations at future or existing mining areas.

Checking the technical condition of wells and boreholes

We test inflow rates, perform visual inspections of the walls of boreholes using a TV camera, check the flow of water in the borehole and the functionality of equipment, the quality of the cementation and the packing, the condition of perforations, cavities behind the casing, and we recommend the further use of the source and suggest possible corrective measures.

Well logging for risk analysis, supervision and for various stages of remedial work

We determine the lithological profile, the horizontal and vertical flow in boreholes or the direction of horizontal flow, the overflow between permeable layers, the hydraulic conductivity of permeable layers, the preferential flow pathways, we estimate the level of risk and recommended further procedures.

Mineral and thermal water investigation, searching for sources of drinking water

We determine the overflow between permeable layers and design the well casing in relation to the determined permeable layers, we detect hydraulic short circuits caused by faulty well casing and we focus on the lithological profile, and the horizontal and vertical flow in the borehole.

Engineering geology and geotechnical engineering

Geophysical measuring for line buildings, underground buildings, dams, and foundations soils investigation, or slope stability investigation